Genco undertook this project at the Waitrose Distribution Centre at Aylesford Kent.

11,000m2 of Triple layer safety netting was installed within a 2 week programme to ensure that debris/dust would not fall onto stock or personnel. This also plays a significant role in our man safe system for roof works.

Existing felt, insulation and vapour barrier was removed in programmed sections and recycled where possible. Metal decking was replaced on 50% of the roof and salvaged deck was used to replace corroded section on the other 50%.

SIG/IKO put together a state of the art flat Spectraplan SM roof membrane system. The system comprised of a metal lined self-adhesive vapour barrier, Powerdeck F1200x600x130mm Insulation boards to the deck and Powerdeck F 1200x600x40mm to the up stands. Spectraplan SM was then installed and seams and joints were heat welded using a Varimat V2 230V.

All product were adhered using a new 'Sprayfast' technique which sped up install time and also created a more consistent application.


The Ambient roof replacement was a huge task to undertake in a very busy working warehouse and from the start very challenging for Genco and the Partnership, the key to the success of this project was good communications from Genco Site Manger to heads of sheds and warehouse partners. Luke Curtis hands on friendly approach technique made the difference, even through the month of August the wettest on record, we never lost one day of trading, great achievement from Luke and his team, well done Genco for all your efforts over the last three months.

Clive Millard - Maintenance Operations Manager

Aylesford, Kent
5 months


John Roberts


01622 623 000