• Genco have over 30 years experience in the retail sector
  • Trusted relationships and contracts with Waitrose and Tesco

Genco know retail. We know the special needs of this demanding field. The need to act quickly. The need to act on budget and the need to get your business up and running as soon as possible. This really is a case of time means money, the tills can only work if your premises are ready to accept customers. Gencos’ particular experience in this sector makes us a repeat provider to the biggest brands. We pride ourselves in having agreements in place with the biggest high street brands. Our experience of new or refurbishment retail requirements has given us a deep understanding of this sector and our dedicated project team understands the need to maximise the potential of every square foot of space.

Genco have developed a trusting working relationship with Waitrose and Tesco and have contracts in place because they know Genco will always get the work done to a high standard and on time. We carry out maintenance work on all of the Tesco and Waitrose stores in and around London and the South East of England. The typical works we carry out on a daily basis include drainage, flooring, roofing and pest proofing.

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